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Mike M, Vancouver Canada

The version of the MB-10 I ordered from Larha Outdoor ( is the two-window version, called the Aquarium/Aqua-2 in Europe. This model is not meant for a hot sauna in a Siberian winter because the two windows loose too much heat, but in my part of the world (Vancouver Canada) you almost never worry about keeping beer on the balcony in the winter so it should be fine. The first really remarkable thing about the tent is the complete lack of nasty plastic/chemical smell when you open the bag for the first time. It was quite shocking. Oxford polyester is really nice. I had no qualms about heating this up and getting inside. I don't like to throw the term around, but the construction of the tent is flawless. The stitching tracks absolutely true. Everything that should be flat is flat. Everything curved is mathematically curved. Not a single piece of loose flashing or threads anywhere. One-person assembly of the tent in an average living room is not too hard, so outside, with more room it would be easy. It has a cross-tube design with full-zipper channels. The tubing is some super high-modulus alloy that's light, very, very flexible, yet much stiffer that fiberglass or protrude carbon. It's advertised as a 3-person tent on and a 4-person in some other countries. Both are correct. Three total strangers could enjoy sitting in the sauna maintaining proper 'Canadian-space' from each other. In a less uptight situation, four is reasonable.

Not wanting to wait for the rain to stop to test it out, I assembled the tent inside and heated it with a small Sauna King electric heater running at 4kw. Probably a quarter of what the actual wood stove would do. With the curtains velcroed down, the tent got from 23C to 100C (dry) with about 1 hour of warm up. Obviously the wood stove would get it up to temperature much faster. 

There are some conveniences in life that you really didn't think about until you've tried them, and then afterwards couldn't imagining living without them. Intermittent wipers and backup cameras in cars for example. In the case of the MB-10 Aqua model it is the window(s) and the door. The huge beautiful window(s) make the tent seem much bigger than reality. It's kind of Tardis-like. The door really is a HUGE feature. To enter, pull open door with only ONE hand needed, step in, let door close, relax. If you want out, then out you go - NO hands needed actually. Bash/walk out, no worries, no hassles. The door will probably close after you. A zipper just does not cut it compared to this in terms of convenience and safety.

Despite a labour disruption at the post office, Larha Outdoor ( was able to get everything to me in about 3 weeks. No COD charges when it arrived for duty, brokerage, sales taxes, etc. Hopefully when it stops raining I can try the stove, water tank, and the second layer / room attachment out. So far I am extremely happy with the quality of products and service from Larha/Mobiba.

Erik W, New York, NY

I received your (MB-22) tent this weekend, which came a lot faster than I was expecting so thank you. I set it up on our terrace and it's a lot of fun, especially when there some snow outside so we can roll in the snow and jump right in to the sauna. Only problem is I can't get rid of my guests now, everyone wants to use this thing.

Kakeru Y, Niiza city Kurihara, Japan

I used a tent sauna on the riverbank!

When burning a lot of firewood, it became very hot and pleasant.

 When the fire was extinguished, the stove quickly cooled down, and the withdrawal was also easy.

Cindy G., Everett, Ontario, Canada

Last year I purchased a 2-3 person tent sauna from you for my husband. Your service was exceptional and he still LOVES his surprise Christmas gift from last year. It is holding up to very regular use really, really well. Very impressive. 

I specifically bought the model I did so I could purchase the add on room/cover this year for him for Christmas.  

Thank you for supplying such a great product and for such exceptional service. 

Christian R - San Francisco, CA

I came accross your company after watching an episode of Dragons Den on Netflix. I thought it was a wicked idea and ordered the MB-22 off your site. It arrived within 2 weeks as you mentioned and I've been using it about once a week and all my friends are loving it too.


Michelle C - Kapolei, HI

I purchased your MB-10 tent sauna as a gift for a good, Finnish friend of mine and she loved it. Thanks for the quick turnaround time.


Marina D - Victoria, BC

The russian mobile sauna Mobiba is great! Me and my husband really loved it! He has been using it for two years non stop :) I will send you photos with Mobiba soon and leave a brief testimonials as well. Also my husband would love to put a few words in it too. He is a surfer and every time he goes to the beach in winter he goes with the sauna and everybody loves it! He recommended it to many his surf bodies and they will probably contact with you soon ;)


Lee P - Washington, DC

It's (MB-10) working great!  I'm getting it set up again today - I had it set up for a couple weeks and then took it down when I was on travel.  Many friends have enjoyed it as well, so I will take some photos once I have the bench built for it and some friends over using it too.


Steve S. - Staunton, VA

We are really enjoying the sauna, as well as the benches we purchased from you. The stove is tremendous. We can easily heat the sauna to 80-85 degrees Celsius. 

We set it up easily in 15-20 minutes and even leave it up for several days, then take it down in only ten minutes or so.


Edward A - Orillia, Ontario

I purchased my sauna from Larha Outdoor Products in 2011, after seeing it on display at the Sportsman Show in Toronto. Its initial appeal was threefold. As I am of Estonian descent, I grew up with a sauna at the Estonian camp where we have a cottage. Long days of work were rewarded with a hot, steamy relax in the sauna. As I now live several hours away from that property, I missed the tradition, the camaraderie and the health benefits that sauna offers. I had looked at infrared saunas but they are just not as beneficial and who wants to pay the high hydro rates. This is every bit as good as the large wooden structures. I even built a cedar bench to get the authentic sauna smell.Secondly, the fact that this sauna is portable is a huge plus. Another Baltic tradition is to get together with a group of men and smoke meat. I am able to take the sauna to wherever we are meeting! As it has a change room and easily fits four men, it is ideal for these getaways where we typically get together in the winter at a rustic cottage or campsite. Also, as I live on a large river it’s my intention to attach the sauna to my floating dock and float along the river having sauna with my family!The third reason I bought this sauna is that I regularly ice fish, weather permitting, of course. Unfortunately there was no safe ice fishing last winter, but I look forward to taking it out on the ice as a warm place to settle in, either with or without the portable woodstove. As there is no floor, it is easy to auger a hole. This is a perfect portable hut for this purpose. I love my sauna. It is so easy to set up, the firebox heats up very quickly, I covered the stove- top with river rocks and keep a pot of water handy to produce steam, all recreating a hot and authentic Baltic style experience. Having the change room is great as we often sauna in the cold, snow or rain and it’s great to have a place to keep towels, shoes, etc warm. Living on the water is great – we sit in sauna, jump in the river, back in the sauna and so on. My friends and family love coming to visit as adults and children alike bask in the heat of the sauna. We live in the boonies so any enticement is great.As for the product itself, it is sturdy and well constructed. We have cold, damp and snowy winters up here, and the river being mere yards away just adds to the moisture. I have never had problems with the tent leaking or letting in cold air, or losing shape during a couple of severe windstorms. I can see it will last for many years. When I first received the sauna I had a concern about the stove and contacted Mika. He personally delivered a new stove (excellent customer service) and I have had no problems with the stove or chimney. As a matter-of-fact for many mornings this past summer we heard strange “tinging” sounds, which we just couldn’t place. One day we discovered a woodpecker happily tapping away on the chimney. He visited ever day for months – so the sauna has brought a smile to our faces in different ways!I have recommend this sauna and would recommend to anyone who wants the genuine sauna benefits without having to build a large cumbersome structure, or anyone who hunts or fishes or just wants to enjoy some good times with family and friends all year round in the comfort of your own backyard!
George D. - Port Carling, Ontario
I must say, we are extremely pleased with the high quality product as well as the service we have received from Larha Outdoor Products. We had wanted to build a sauna at our cottage for years but couldn’t get permits because of the size of our property. We were so happy to find out about their tent saunas and ended up purchasing the MB-12 as it was easy to put up and take down. We have been using it on average 2-3 times/week for the last year and even brought it up to Mont Tremblant last year for our ski vacation since our rented chalet didn’t have a sauna. We just pitched it in front of the chalet, right off the ski trail. We had a number of people approach us with interest and of course told them where to get one.
Marty B - Boston, MA
We enjoy using our MB-5. We built a cedar bench for it and put in next to our pool in the backyard. Our neighbors thought we were nuts at first going swimming in late October but that was before they knew we had a sauna going and now they join us as well.
John A - Toronto, Ontario
I've wanted to build a sauna in my house for a long time but never got around to it. After seeing your MB-12 on display at the cottage life show I knew I had found the right product for my needs so I bought it and have used it at least once a week for the last year or so. I'm glad to see that you carry some sauna accessories now as well; I will be needing some in the near future.
E Hobson - Soda Springs, ID
The main pro to the sauna for me was the price versus the price of a wood built sauna. Some of the other I have found was the ease of assembly the frame just snapped together tightly and and very strong. hanging the inner and outer canvas was as easy as connecting the hooks. The whole process took me about 10 mins using no instructions.The canvas is also very strong and well sewn and the amount of different vents and the ability to open and close how every you want. Also the tails on the canvas make for a much nicer seal.The multiple different tie down locations and angles make it very secure to the ground even in a wind storm.Also the ability to put the sauna in reasonably sized bags will be a incentive for moving the sauna or storing in the summer a easy transition.I can say I'm extremely happy with my sauna when I originally was looked at them online I was skeptic about a tent being able to perform as a sauna and spent about two months after finding them researching them and trying to find review before finally buying one. But I now use mine daily and on a - 20 deg day with a small fire I can have and maintain a 160 deg sauna for about a hour period easily.
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