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What are the conditions for free shipping?

All Mobiba branded tent saunas and heaters include FREE shipping within continental North America.  All cedar saunas (barrel, cabin, POD) , cedar hot tubs and accessories as well as all furniture and playsets include FREE shipping within Canada however some additional charges may apply for BC, PEI, NWT & Yukon and/or other remote regions.  If there are any additonal charges, customer will be notified after order has been recieved and prior to shipping. For more information and or to confirm shipping totals, please contact us at or call toll free 1-855-567-4255


What is the standard delivery time for your products and how do you ship them? All tent saunas and stoves are shipped via Russian Post then Canada Post or US post depending on destination country and upon completion of order, tracking number will be provided. Shipping time is generally 10 business days so less. Canadian made cedar saunas and furniture generally ship within 2-3 weeks.


What’s the difference between normal camping tents vs. your tents when it comes to sauna and/or overnight use?

First of all standard tents are coated with various chemicals (UV, flame proofing, etc.), are not meant to be super-heated and therefore will give off dangerous fumes which could cause respiratory damage. Moreover "standard" tents are usually made out of materials that aren't able to withstand the higher temperatures and have zippers that can get stuck. All our tents are purpose built for use as saunas, so they can take the extreme temperatures and because the material we use is untreated, users will never have to worry about breathing in any harmful fumes. Our tents are also equipped with swing doors which make for much easier entry/exit so users will never have to worry about getting stuck in a hot tent sauna. Last but not least, because each tent is hand built/sewn and only the strongest materials are used, these tents can withstand and perform well in even the most vigorous conditions; remember these are made in Siberia where the average temperature is -28C.


What are main reasons for buying Sauna-Anywhere over a fixed or even infrared sauna?

Having been born in Finland and growing up using real saunas, I'm not going to say tent saunas are better. What I will say however is they cost much less than a typical indoor or outdoor sauna, there are no building permits required which is a huge plus for cottagers who can't build saunas on their property due to set back rules, etc. They are very portable and can be setup almost anywhere - I have one in my backyard for example. As a somewhat hard-core sauna enthusiast myself, I can say they will get just as hot as a "typical" sauna - I often bathe in my sauna at an average temperature of 90C even when it's -20 outside. Infrared saunas don't actually heat the air but rather the inside of your body. With an infrared sauna you won't get the same effect as you will with a real sauna where you can throw water on the rocks producing hot vapours and good sweats to completely cleanse your skin of dirt/other build up while leaving you completely relaxed. When feeling sick or congested, I will add a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the bucket and throw water on the rocks. This generates an amazing sensation and helps clear sinuses. You can't do that with an infrared sauna either. Lastly infrared saunas are also fixed and although they may be able to change locations, they are definitely not nearly as light weight and portable as our tent saunas.


How hot can the tent saunas really get?

All of our saunas come equipped with the ‘Median’ heater, which is a high efficiency wood-burning stove made from stainless steel, containing a built-in spark suppressor. This stove will enable you to reach sauna temperatures of 100° C degrees in the summer and winter when it’s -20° C outside. As for the MB-44 shelter (which is not intended for use as a sauna), it will heat your tent as high as 50° C degrees even in a very strong winter cold. (Also note that whereas typical sauna heaters operate at 200° C, our ‘Median' stove does maintain its structure up to 750° C, making it not only an excellent sauna heater, but a great cooking stove as well).The ‘Optima’ stove is essentially the same as the ‘Median’, except smaller and therefore less powerful (the ‘Median’ is approximately 1.5 times as powerful). However, the MB-5 model with which the ‘Optima’ comes with is meant to be the most compact and portable of our saunas, so the ‘Optima’ stove is sufficiently powerful but has the benefit of being more lightweight than the ‘Median’ (14 kg vs. the 18 kg 'Median'). Thus, you can still have a sauna as high as 100° C degrees in the summer and 90° C degrees in the winter when it’s -20° C outside. Regardless of which model you have, within 20 minutes of firing the wood-burning stove you and your guests will be able to enjoy a nice warm sauna, no matter what the outside temperature is.


What fabric is used for Mobiba tent saunas?

All our saunas/shelters are hand sewn and constructed of Oxford 600D polyester, which makes for a strong, durable, water-resistant (water column 2000mm), and is also naturally fire-resistant.


What material is the frame on the Mobiba tent saunas?

All frames are made of heavy duty aircraft alluminum and range from 10-20mm in diameter depending on model.


What is the main difference between Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 tents?

The primary difference between the levels is in the tent frame. Level 1 saunas are designed to be the most lightweight and portable, so the aluminum alloy (flexible duralumin) poles are 10-12 mm in diameter. Level 2 and 3 tents, on the other hand, while still light and portable, are designed for harsher conditions and require more stability for exceptionally windy conditions; as such, the tent piping in these models measure 16 mm in diameter, with external steel adapters 20 mm in diameter. As for the difference between level 2 and level 3, level 3 saunas/shelters are 2-ply and have some additional features that make them weather resistant and suitable for continuous use even months at a time and under the most extreme conditions of the winter months.


What is the warranty? All sauna/shelter purchases (including the stoves they come equipped with) are warranted to the original owner to be free of manufacturer defects and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of delivery. We do not warranty products against normal wear and tear, unauthorized modifications or alterations, improper use, improper maintenance, misuse or neglect, or if the product is used for a purpose for which it is not intended. Warranted products will be replaced or repaired at our discretion. If we determine that the product is defective by reason of improper workmanship or material during the specified warranty period, we will replace or repair all necessary parts, without charge for parts or labor. If the warranty period has expired or is otherwise not applicable, you will be responsible for the cost of labor and materials or you may purchase a replacement at your expense. Please note that our saunas and stoves are hand-made and they might have small inclusions. These are considered normal and they do not affect the performance of the product. Accordingly any such inclusions are not considered terms for exchange. Note * Due to the nature of these (Tent Saunas) we do not offer exchanges or refunds beyond our warranty, all sales are final.We know our products are amazing and perform just like we and our many customers have stated. Watch the videos, read the testimonials and feel free to ask us any other questions and we'll advise you the best we can. We would rather you feel completely confident in your purchase decision up front.  Have more questions? Give us a call or email us and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.





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