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Mobiba Tent Sauna Videos

As you'll see in these videos, you can truly use these tent saunas/banyas in any climate and anywhere.  These are great for camping, use in the backyard (check with local authorities regarding wood stove use), at the cottage, Rving, take a break from snowmobiling, skiing, white water rafting trips, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. Try doing that with a traditional sauna. Well  you really can't. There are infra-red saunas that are easy to install but they will remain stationary and they won't provide you the real sauna experience. If you're looking for a sauna where you can throw water on the rocks, get a nice sweat going, feel amazing for a fraction of the price of a traditional sauna, this is the way to go. Trust me, this is coming from an experienced (Finnish) sauna user!

Hyvät Löylyt!
(Good Steam)