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This water tank is a necessity as it provides sauna users the opportunity to bathe with warm water during and after sauna use. This tank slides on to the existing sauna pipe of our Median sauna stove. Simply fill the water tank with water or snow and the heat radiation from the stove pipe will slowly boil the water in the tank. You then simply add the hot water to a bucket of cold water and enjoy a warm rinse after your sauna no matter where in the wilderness you are.
Ahhhh, this is life.

Hyvät Löylyt! (Good Steam)

Capacity: 13L
Diameter: 260mm
Height: 380mm
Empty Weight: 3kgs

Prices shown are in Canadian Dollars & include shipping within North America (Continental)as well as any applicable customs charges.

Prices include shipping within North America (Continental).
*Please allow 10-15 business days for delivery

Water Tank for Mediana

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