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Expedition heated winter tent Rosnar 75 is designed for base camps requiring long-term stay in the field. 
Recommended for army, FEMA, various geological exploration, mining, archaeological and scientific organizations.
This product can be used as a universal command-and-control headquarters, field hospital, laboratory, dining or sleeping area for troops, rescue workers or refugees.
The main advantage of this tent over similar tents from other manufacturers, is a combination of the large residential volume and relatively low transportation weight and dimensions of 6.88m(L) x 4.73m(W) x 2.47m(H)(32 m2).
The entire kit, including two ovens, is deployed out of 4 bags (1 per stove, 1 for tent poles and 1 for canvas)each weighing up to 32 kg with maximum longitudinal gauge 1650 mm. Each of these bags is able to migrate from place to place by only one person. The total weight of a package, together with two ovens (long burning Sogra), is only 121 kg. Moreover, this can be easily setup by 2 persons within 60 minutes.

Ships complete with tent, 2 Sogra stoves, stove pipe, 4 carrying cases & instructions.

•Length-688cm (L) x 473cm (W) x 247cm (H)
•Weighs: 99 kg.
•Transports in four bags
•Accommodates up to 14 people.

Prices shown are in Canadian Dollars & include shipping within North America (Continental)as well as any applicable customs charges.
*Please allow 10-15 business days for delivery

Rosnar 75- Field/Expedition Tent