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New! Winter tent with sewn floor. The interior space is comfortable for living and accommodation. No extra doors or walls unlike our tents made for sauna use.Mobiba P-34 - two-layer winter heated tent, with a gable roof, accommodates up to 6 people, designed for living in all weather conditions. The main feature of this product lies in its large residential volume, low weight and transport dimensions. This allows you to transport it on snowmobiles or other vehicles which have a limit on the weight and volume of luggage. Ideal for small groups of geologists equipment, mobile teams MOE, MO, hunters, fishermen.P-34 has the ability to increase resistance to snow load, by installing additional backup in the central part of the tent (backup included).This tent has a sewn floor, and is equipped with double hinged doors with hermetic valves, which allows, if necessary, quickly leave the tent, as well as prevents the opening of the door by the wind and isolates the doorway from rain and snow. Take advantage of the swing door with hermetic valves!This has a ventilation window with mosquito net - at the base of the tent in front of the furnace and the entrance to the tent. On the back wall of the tent there is a window made of frost-resistant transparent PVC film with light protection curtain-pocket.This tent is designed to operate with a long burning wood stove (included - Sogra). To install the furnace flue segments provided in the tent roof stainless steel cutting.The lower part of the tent is equipped with an apron. This apron helps keep out sand, snow loading or stones, can provide not only the tightness of the tent, but tilt and lock to the ground.Price includes tent, poles, Sogra wood stove, stove pipe (6ft), ground pegs, ropes and carrying case.Specs: 288cm(W)x395cm(L)x200cm(H)Prices shown are in Canadian Dollars & include shipping within North America (Continental)as well as any applicable customs charges.*Please allow 10-15 business days for delivery

P-34 Winter Tent & Stove