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ALL NEW Kayfandra-2 with an upgraded swing door!


Introducing the latest portable tent sauna from Mobiba. This Back Pack tent sauna comes with a stainless steel wood burning stove with built in water tank and steamer so no rocks are needed. In our other models, rocks are piled on top of the stove and once heated, water is poured on top to generate steam. MB-170-K2's specialized stove creates an ongoing steam room atmosphere and also has a water valve to provide hot water for addional bathing.This entire assembly fits inside a backpack and weighs only 12.8kgs making this very easy to carry and therefore fantastic for your next camping trip, hike, ski/snowboard adventure or any other outing for that matter. MB-170-K2 only takes about 10 minutes to setup and within 30 minutes of lighting the stove, you and up to 2 other bathers will enjoy a nice hot sauna in any climate. 

MB-170-K2 tent material is made from untreaded Oxford 240D Polyester which is heat resistant and the frame/poles are made from 10 mm Aviation alloy D16T with anodized coating. MB-170's stove is made from stainless steel allowing it to be light enough to carry in the backpack.




Tent = 170x170x170cm

Stove = 26cm diameter x 40cm height

Backpack = 42cm wide x55cm height x 27cm depth


Package includes everything you need to enjoy a sauna-anywhere


Tent, Frame, Stove (Gigue) with 4 piece chimney, ground pegs and instructions.


For more information, please watch our video:


Price includes FREE shipping within (continental) Canada. US customers, please contact us to confirm any additional shipping charges which may apply.


Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


The manufacturer warns that reliable protection of the roof of the tent against burn-through sparks can be provided only by a special spark protection cover (IZN) . Built-in spark plug on the Median and Sogra furnaces"only reduces the likelihood of sparks falling out of the chimney. But it does not provide 100% protection (even with the use of low-sparking fuel and regular chimney cleaning) as an IZN option, you can order this product as a separate special order. The manufacturer strongly recommends purchasing IZN when you buy our tents, since we do not give a 100% guarantee to protect the roof from burn-through when using tents with stoves without the use of spark protection capes IZN 

Warning: The furnace “Gigue”, which is included in the “Kaifandra-2” kit, is not equipped integrated spark gap. To protect the roof of the tent from sparks, it is recommended to purchase an artificial protection mantle for the TLM for the Mobiba RB-170 tent.


Mobiba MB-170 - KAYFANDRA-2

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