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Introducing, the newly designed & Patented Median, stainless steel wood burning camp stove. Designed & manufactured in Siberia where the average temperature is -28C, the Median has been constructed to meet and perform well in the most vigorous conditions. Although built for sauna use, this can be used to provide heat for day/overnight camping and its top surface area of 180mm means you can also use it for cooking/boiling water, etc. 
Median has been on the market for 5 years and each year Mobiba adds to the design (based on customer feedback) to further enhance the user experience. This year’s model includes a thicker bottom plate along with a newly designed ash capture tray to help re-direct radian heat away from the floor and therefore increasing efficiency. Other changes include increased welds and more material added to both strengthen the stove but also increase its’ cosmetic appeal.
So what makes this stove so special? Median is quite different from all existing portable wood stoves in that it has an integrated spark arrester, which catches the sparks emitted from the furnace to the chimney, keeping tent roofs from burning. Portable wood stoves from other manufacturers do not have this feature and therefore can be potentially dangerous because flying sparks from the chimney can burn a hole in the roof of the tent and/or worse yet, cause a fire, igniting the dry grass next to the tent for example. Of course it’s also portable and light weight (only 18kgs) meaning it can travel with you on your next adventure.
Median comes with 6 pieces of 1ft collapsible stove pipe, screw on legs for proper leveling and case for transport.
Spec’s: 62cm (L) x 28cm (W) x 46cm (H)
Furnace Depth: 40cm
Furnace Inlet: 17.5x17.5cm
Firebox Volume: 29Liters
Weight (including chimney segments): 18KG
Prices shown are in Canadian Dollars & include shipping within North America (Continental)as well as any applicable customs charges.
*Please allow 10-15 business days for delivery

Median Camp Stove