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Insulated floor is a very necessary and practical option for heated tents. Used in the tent " MOBIBA RB-170 " included in the kit " KAYFANDRA " to increase comfort. Insulated floor is made of heat-insulating liners "NPE-10", which are covered with a dense waterproof synthetic fabric with polyurethane impregnation. Floor thickness: 10 mm. When folded, it folds up into a special bag of waterproof Oxford 210D fabric. 

Advantages of a set of floor insulation:
1. Reduces heat loss to the ground and allows you to use a smaller amount of fuel to maintain a comfortable temperature for you.
2. Due to the reduction of heat loss to the ground, a set of heated floor accelerates the process of heating the tent / mobile bath room. 
3. The floor is made of waterproof Oxford 210D fabric with polyurethane impregnation, which does not let moisture through. 
Allows you to protect things from getting wet and damp. 
4. Made of heat-insulating liners "NPE-10", which allows you to stay in a tent without warm shoes. 
5. The floor does not freeze to the ground at low temperatures. Provides a comfortable stay in a tent. 
6. The warm floor fabric is resistant to abrasion, temperature extremes, elastic and waterproof. 
7. It has a modular design with the ability to bend part of the floor at the installation of the furnace.
8. Included is a convenient and reliable bag for storing and transporting a heated floor. 

As shown by the results of testing in winter conditions, the floor is really easy to use. It significantly increases the thermal insulation and increases the efficiency of bath procedures due to isolation from the cold coming from the ground. 

Description of the material from which the heated floor is made:
1. Izodom is one of the most efficient heat insulators. Closed-cell structure practically does not absorb water. It has a good oil, oil and petrol resistance.
2. OXFORD 210D fabric - consists of synthetic fibers (polyester) of a certain structure with a polyurethane coating (PU) applied, this fabric is resistant to abrasion, temperature changes, elastic and waterproof. Polyurethane coating provides waterproof fabric and prevents the accumulation of dirt between the fibers.

Insulated Floor - MB-170 Tents