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Our Parophone 3 Hinged Steam Generator with an increased supply of water is the oldest and most powerful model in the line of steam generators built exclusively for Mobiba stoves. It differs from low-end models Parofon-1 and Parofon-2 by the capacity of hot water increased to 16 liters and by the presence of a tap to drain it. As well as a wide filler neck with a hinged lid. The cover is equipped with an elastic springy retainer. “Stereophone - 3” combines the functions of a steam generator and a hot water tank.


The use of any of the models of Parophon in the Mobiba mobile bath is a significant increase in the comfort of the sauna atmosphere. According to the experience we have already gained, we and our customers can clearly state that anyone who has tried to steam in Mobiba with the Steamer will no longer consider the possibility of steaming without one in the future. 

 Everything is relative, and today we can safely say that a mobile bath with a Parofon is a completely different, higher level of bathing atmosphere quality compared to previous mobile saunas of the past years, where only a stone foundation on the stove was used for steam generation.

 Any of the Parofonov from the Mobiba company is worth its money. You will not regret having acquired this option. Each of the models of Parophon has its own peculiarity and its advantages. 

 We collected feedback from buyers and we undertake to assert - a mobile sauna without a steam generator, this is yesterday! Parophons improve the pleasure of using a mobile sauna so much that it is the future of the whole industry of this type of recreation!


Package includes:

   1. Steam generator “Parofon-3” 
   2. Tap for draining water from the steam generator tank 
   3. Convenient carrying bag for transporting and storing 
   4. Instruction manual (warranty card) 


  • Diameter: 290 mm.
  • Height with pipe: 502 mm.
  • Tank capacity: 16 liters.
  • Product weight: 5.3 kg.


Each stove ships in a cardboard box which sits inside a wooden crate for maximum protection.


Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery!